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Can’t Get Rid Of Searchqu Default Page – What Would You Do?

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How do you get rid of Searchqu.com or forcibly remove such program from your system? It’s really starting to tick my friend off. She cannot get her Google home page this browser comes up automatically. She installed Searchqu for the funny faces for email and had no idea it would come up as a browser, now she want to remove it all, toolbar everything related.


Things she has tried but none of them work to get rid of this aggravating nuisance:

1. System restore-won’t give her a date to restore to.

2. Went to Firefox’s add-ons and disabled it.

3. Went in the registry and deleted anything she saw with searchqu on it.

4. Went to add remove programs-it’s not in there.

5. Went to program files and it’s not in there.

6. Searched my system with mal-ware bytes and it came up with nothing.

7. Searched my computer with spyware doctor and it wanted me to pay for it to remove things and it doesn’t even find searchqu.

8. Got rid of bandoo which I think started all of this.

9. Got rid of ivlivid because I read it can be associated with it as well. I am running out of options and its really starting to piss me off.


If this software will not go away and it’s still there after deleting it, it will over ride your setting. Or you will have to do nothing but wipe the hd. Otherwise, if you went into options and put your homepage back to what it was and deleted this Searchqu from the list of add-ons; it still goes automoatically to this Searchqu page. Nothing you do seem to change this but a Perfect Uninstaller.


Uninstalling Searchqu that is responsible for http://www.searchqu.com/406 with Perfect Uninstaller

1. Quit and exit any running browsers.

2. Run Perfect Uninstaller

3. Select or insert the option, Show Windows installer, on the main panel of Perfect Uninstaller as below.

4. Click the Searchqu toolbar to be uninstalled in the “Display Name” list as below.

5. Click the “Uninstall” button to start the removal.

6. Follow the onscreen steps to finish the removal.


Click here to download Perfect uninstaller and start removing Searchqu or uninstalling Searchqu.com now!

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