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What Can I Do to Fully Uninstall QQ pet When You Don’t Need It

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Do you want to fully uninstall QQ pet when you don’t need to use it? Do you feel helpless when you try to delete QQ pet but you can’t do that? Don’t worry. It is not difficult if you follow the QQ pet removal tips in this article. Before you delete the program, you should know something about it.

QQ pet is launched a virtual community feeding game, believe a lot of friends have played, although just finished when the heat is very high, but with the passage of time feel it is so, and each time you log in QQ usually start with QQ, let a person feel very tired, want to delete it, then how to delete the QQ pet?

How to delete the QQ pet?

1.     If you just think QQ pet as the QQ login and start feel very vexed, actually don't need to delete it, don't just need to make it as we start with QQ, so we want to play you can call out. We log in QQ, then find the system Settings, click open (below the red marked place).

2.     And then click the general TAB, find the "start and login" option, and one of them is "run automatically after landing QQ pet", because here was box so each time you start the QQ will start with QQ landing, we can remove the hook, so as not to start with QQ.

What does the Customer service delete the QQ pet?

1.     Encounter problems, we should first think of is customer service, believe that many players are dealt with customer we are looking for customer service. Customer service directly, we came to the front page of the service, enter the Web site

2.     Then find relevant information click enter, detailed introduces the on delete QQ pet here all operation process, we can look at the specific steps first, after fully understand we can click on the "pet delete, icon quenched zone" hyperlink into the delete operation

3.     Then we just need to carry on the operation steps on the page just can, you can also return to see if you forget. If you select the icon out words will delete your account all pets (pig, penguins, bear), unable to recover after deletion operation.

In fact, to uninstall QQ pet completely, you can use a powerful, professional uninstall tool. Perfect Uninstaller is highly recommended for you.


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