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How Can I Remove Live Cricket Program On My Computer?


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http://softwareuninstall.blogspot.comLive Cricket is a Free and yes Ads Free live scorecard desktop gadget which will update you about the live ball-by-ball score of a Live Match (which is currently going on) while you were working on computer. It will cover all the matches whether it is One Day Match, T20 Match or Test Match or ICC, IPL, ICL or any other international match. Its ScoreTicker also flashes on special events like: Four, Six, Wide, NoBall, Out or runs taken which is also totally customized so you can set when it should flash on an event and how frequently it should update the ScoreTicker and Scorecard. There is a interesting feature that you can drag the ScoreTicker to move it up and down on the screen.


If somehow the Live Cricket doesn’t tone down the wattage on that interruption of playing, it should be given a thought for with other similar product.

1. On the Windows taskbar, choose Start > All Programs > > Uninstall

2. The Initializing Live Cricket screen appears briefly.

3. Click “Next” on the Installation Wizard and the software removal process begins.

Occasionally, this will fail to locate the standard uninstaller of Live Cricket and you may have that installed by downloading it from its official website.

1. Download and save the Live Cricket uninstaller on its original website.

2. Close all applications.

3. Check the taskbar and the system tray to make sure that no user applications are running.

4. Run the uninstaller.

5. Click “Yes” to the message “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?”

6. Restart your computer.

Is it simple to you? No, it isn’t the simplest method to uninstall Live Cricket yet. The simplest way is to use an uninstall tool to remove Live Cricket. You can just download and install a Perfect Uninstaller to let it get rid of whatever of the program that is supposed to be removed.

Without the headaches of manual removal, an officially licensed Perfect Uninstaller is capable in either conducting a normal Uninstall or a Force Uninstall of programs like or which Windows can’t deal with.

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