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How to delete QQ friends from news manager completely

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Is frustrated to delete QQ friends? Have you done your best to get rid of the program, but you failed?

What is the QQ?

 QQ (hereinafter referred to as "QQ") is a development of   the company based on the Internet instant messaging (IM) software. Logo is a small penguin wearing a red scarf. Support  QQ online chat, video chat, voice chat, point-to-point breakpoint continuingly files, share files, network hard disk, custom panel, remote control, a variety of functions such as QQ mailbox, and can be connected to the mobile communication terminal and other communication methods.

How to delete QQ friends from news manager completely

1.    Click into your own message manager. Then find your delete friends! Choose after click the red x button in the upper left corner can remove buddy!

2.    Open the system Settings! Then click on the inside of the file management "to open the personal file"!

3.    And then we all, and then right click delete. The first image can keep this file. The pictures are inside. “Filer” this file folder saved address is sent you accept friends, take a closer look at after deleted!

4.    Finally, we in the log back in QQ. After open the message manager, will not see you delete friends.

Following the steps above, you can uninstall the QQ friends. However, the process is simple, and you might fail easily. Although you are extremely careful, the removal would mess up with other program on the computer easily. Among all of the uninstallers on the market, I find that Perfect Uninstaller is the most powerful uninstaller in uninstalling unwanted programs, perfect uninstall can uninstall the QQ friends completely.



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