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How to totally uninstall not worPPS when it does k well?

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Do you want to forcibly uninstall or delete PPS from windows? Do you need to remove PPS the old version before PPS new version? Few months back, my friend Tom installed the new version of PPS, it started crashing the computer. Now he is trying to uninstall it but it won’t get in done.

What is PPS?

PPS is network video world's first set of P2P live on demand in the network TV software .PPS network video online to watch movies, TV shows, live sports, games, sports, animation, variety, news, financial information...Smooth, completely free, PPS network TV is favorite software prerequisites are installed by Internet users.

Uninstall the PPS Professional the common ways:

1. .First open the software steward, click on the "software uninstall"

2. Find the PPS need to uninstall the software, click uninstall

3. Uninstall is complete, if there is a file click on residual clear! If not use housekeeper software uninstall, if it is the manual unloading, please go to control panel program management, eliminate residual in the "add or remove programs" program name

4. Finally to check whether there is residual PPS registry   manual unload PPS there must be residual, click - start - run – type  exe", search the registry, Open the registry, find the PPS registry is at Enter "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \  Current Version" items, check if the Uninstall registry items exist the PPS.

Follow the onscreen steps to complete the uninstall process.

If uninstalling it from control panel goes through the motions but doesn’t remove anything, chances are you are getting a box that pops up saying that “the file is being used by another program try shutting this program down before deleting this file” or something to that effect. This means that the file has attached to another running process on the computer. In this regard, you should hit control-alt-delete and go to the processes tab. Then, locate the PPS executable file in the running processes list. Right click on it and click “end process”. Go back to the folder and you should be able to continue the deleting.

If the PPS Reader is still there and functional, you need to resort to a more powerful uninstaller program which enables the uninstall process automatically started with the program icon or the directory in the hard drive. It is advised to try perfect  uninstall ,With Perfect Uninstaller running on your computer, all you need to do to remove a program is a right click to select “Uninstall with PU”. In this way, PPS Reader can be fully taken off by users who are running Windows operating systems of any version!

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