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How to uninstall 360 security guards for free as it cannot remove it normally

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Would you like to uninstall 360 security guards from your PC?

Do you want to delete 360 security guards when it cannot work? In fact, there are many removal guides on the internet. But most of them are useless. To fix the problem, you need to carefully follow the uninstall guides in this article.

What are 360 security guards?

 360 security guards is a popular free security software, it has a popular Trojan killing, clean up the negative comments and system plug-ins, management application software, system real-time protection, repair system vulnerabilities and so on a number of strong function, but also provide the system comprehensive diagnosis, pop-up plug-in immunization, clean use specific auxiliary functions, such as the trace as well as the system restore, and provide comprehensive diagnosis report on the system, convenient for users to locate the problem in time.

How to uninstall 360 security guards?
1.360 to open, and then the optimization speed, switch to the "startup", and then switch to the "plug-in" since the start of the same to all products since the start of the 360 ban on: to switch to the "application service", the same will is banned from all 360 products from the start.
2.And then restart the computer to ensure that 360 other software does not start, so as to unload some more clean:
3.Open 360 security guards "software management", switch to the "software uninstall", will be in addition to the 360 security guards all software uninstall, after completion of the unloading and remove junk files:
4.Finally out of the 360 security guards, and restart the computer, 360 security guards also won't start, here we are with other third-party software or control panel to uninstall 360 security guards, such as 360 security guards also uninstall is complete, we will restart the computer.

Sometimes you have to remove 360, because it is not operating properly such as updating problems, or maybe it won’t open at all and needs to be reinstalled. Whatever your reason may be, for removing 360, I have Perfect Uninstaller as the most powerful uninstaller program. A fully authorized program will locate and list all the normal or add-on programs installed on your computer so that you can directly select the unwanted one like 360 be removed. With Perfect Uninstaller installed on your system, it can you’re your pc faster and faster.



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