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The best removal tips to fully remove QuickTime from your pc


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What is QuickTime?

QuickTime is a multimedia architecture developed by Apple Computer. It allows your computer to work with real-time movies, sounds, and high-quality compressed images.

However this program will become an annoying stuff when comes to the uninstall issue. Once this program is installed on the computer, it would modify the registry as it won’t allow you to uninstall it completely, even by using its own uninstall utility, there is always some leftover in the computer.

How to uninstall quick time completely?

To uninstall Quick Time completely by Perfect Uninstaller program:

Step1: Open Perfect Uninstaller.

Step2: Locate Quick time program in the list provided.

Step3: Click the Uninstall button

Step4: Click next then follow the on-screen instruction to process

In case the above steps fail to remove Quick Time, Please try the “Force Uninstall” of Perfect Uninstaller.

Step1: Open Perfect Uninstaller.

Step2: Click the “Force Uninstall” tab on the panel.

Step3: Click the right hand button to locate the name of the program in the first blank (just select the quick time icon).

Step4: Locate the program path in the second blank

Step5: Click “Next” and follow the on-screen instruction to uninstall the program

Step6: Restart the computer (delete the icon of Quick Time on the desktop if it still exist)
Now move your mouse, click into the perfect uninstall.

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