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How to fully delete CyberSieve when it is not able to be uninstalled in Control Panel

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Is frustrated to delete CyberSieve? Have you done your best to get rid of the program, but you failed?

There is much to gain from the latest version of CyberSieve with its capabilities, compared with most similar programs. Flexible opportunities to set practically any imaginable variation is now possible due to Special Web Sites and Special Programs Lists with their own Timetables and Time Limits.


When the CyberSieve doesn’t behave as the theory goes, it would be a dreadful mistake to keep it working on your computer.

Use Search on your Start Menu to search through your system for files related to CyberSieve.


Once all related files are shown on the interface, delete them.


Click Start Menu again and then open Run.


Type “regedit” and click OK to start the Registry Editor.

Delete any entries or keys related to CyberSieve such as HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\CyberSieve, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CyberSieve.

Restart your computer.

Nonetheless, it is never easy to make it through that way. So, you need to employ the most proven way available.

You should reboot your PC first.


1.     Open your Start Menu, and then click Run on the list.

2.     Type appwiz.cpl into the only blank and click OK.

3.     Find out CyberSieve and click Remove next to it.

4.     Continue with the following prompts.

5.     Finally, reboot your computer again.

Following the instructions above, you can manually uninstall the CyberSieve. However, the process is simple, and you might fail easily. Although you are extremely careful, the removal would mess up with other program on the computer easily. Among all of the uninstallers on the market,I find that Perfect Uninstaller is the most powerful uninstaller in uninstalling unwanted programs, especially for corrupt programs. To perforce a force uninstall, you can easily perform the below steps:

1. Download and install Perfect Uninstaller on your computer.

2. Locate where the program on your computer, such as C:\Programs Files\CyberSieve. Right click the folder and then click “Uninstall With PU” to begin the removal.



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