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Uninstall ByteHero Normally – How Can I Get Rid of It without Any Troubles?

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Many users want to delete ByteHero when it works not well in the computer. What’s worse, it crashes your computer. Thus, it is necessary to remove it from your PC.

ByteHero is a powerful security software that protects your computer from unwanted external access. It prevents hackers from accessing your computer, stops malicious programs invading into your computer and sending your data over the internet, protects you during your online banking and transactions, and safeguards your identity. The software is easy to install and manage, and does not slow down your computer performance. The freeware version has slightly limited functionality and no automatic updates.

You have removed ByteHero normally. Why it is still there?

Theoretically, the supremacy of ByteHero should never be challenged from the outside effect. Practically, it is provides not that much sufficiency and need your treatment occasionally. 

Open Windows Search to search for every file related to ByteHero like: C:\Programs Files\ByteHero


Click on Run icon on the Start Menu, then type “regedit” to activate the Registry Editor.

Find and delete those related keys like:



Normally, this should work out your problem in minutes. Nevertheless, a comprehensive fix relies on a more technical operation.

Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar, and select Run.

Type “cmd” in the box to open a command prompt, and then type “cd, C:\Program Files\ByteHero” to change directory.

Type ByteHero.exe – uninstall in order to uninstall the ByteHero.

After the removal finish, reboot your computer.

If you have no idea going through the manual process since those entries stay deep in your system and hard to pinpoint, you can always download specialist software to ByteHero. There are a few programs that are available online. PerfectUninstaller is able to completely remove ByteHero with its Force Uninstall utility that automatically scan into your Windows system and clean up everything regarding the files and registry based on the directories you provide. It also has an option normal “Uninstall” option that will delete any software like Yahoo Toolbar with Anti Spyware that Windows is having trouble with.















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